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doppelgangeroil on canvasJonathan Chase


Untitled 2013



During my BFA


Someone asked me to talk about my work/ experiences some more so here we go…
critiques are usually suspenseful and cause anxiety for most people myself included I’ve seen people break down and cry and have heated arguments. It’s a very sensitive and passion filled experience. I’ve haven’t had…

The list doesn’t stop here


 Some Black Artist who are not
Kehinde wiley
Kara Walker
Glenn ligon
 Nothing wrong with these incredible artist but they aren’t the only ones making art and are also black. 
 Romare Bearden
Jacob Lawrence
Faith Ringgold
Ossawa Tanner
Jennifer Packer
Henry Taylor
Barkley L. Hendricks
Mickalene Thomas
Nick Cave
Kerry James Marshall
jacolby satterwhite
kalup linzy
Nina chanel abney
Carrie Mae Weems
Wangechi Mutu

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Uhm a personal page separate from my paintings and drawings. Follow if you want I’ll have NSFW fuckery and unflattering pix of myself and etc on there. Black stuff, art, nerd shit, theory, ranting. Butts, wallpaper, and wine, and burgers. Just made it set it up. Peace and love everyone.


It’s hard for me to enjoy TV lots of white representation in movies and Tv series. Some gay ones here and there and some black ones sure. But can I have a character that’s gay who isn’t always stereotypical flamboyant and sharp mouthed and dealing with coming out and lusting after the straight victim and dealing with AIDS?  or on the DL? Can’t I get a queer nigga who gotta sword, magic powers, spy gear, action hero or whatever? 
Tired of these mundane crusty  pale clique narrow points of view on story telling. Oh and don’t make him an alien either! or a animal beast man or any of that shit. 

*flies away on lava breathing queer Afro-swan android 

Crown of pears and starhs
Graphite on paper
Painting study